Healthy Easter Baskets

Every child anxiously awaits the arrival of the Easter Bunny and that coveted Easter basket. Unfortunately, sometimes they can include an overabundance of candy and unhealthy snacks. We don’t want to deprive your little ones of sweet treats but have some suggestions for how to make healthy Easter baskets that are still just as fun.

Healthy Easter Baskets

  • Books – Kids love to read with their parents. Studies show that reading with your child 20 minutes per night can improve their ability to succeed in school. Find some fun Easter books to read to your child. We love Pete the Cat, Big Easter Adventure” and Happy Easter Mouse”.


  • Sidewalk Chalk – The weather is already warm, so what better way to enjoy a fun, sunny afternoon than decorating your driveway or back porch with your child’s chalk artwork? Sidewalk chalk is a childhood staple and allows kids’ creativity to flourish. They even make sidewalk chalk in the shape of eggs for the holiday!


  • Goldfish Carrots – Your kids will get a kick out of being creative with you! Put cheddar goldfish in a plastic decorating bag (like the one you’d use for icing) and tie the top with a green ribbon. It will look like a fun carrot snack for the Easter Bunny.


  • Healthy Sweets – Believe it or not, there are some delicious, healthy candy and dessert recipes available. If you don’t have the time to make candy, buying items without corn syrup are usually healthier candy options. Here are some great healthy family dessert recipes: Healthy Easter Desserts.


  • Choose a Basket Theme – Whether it’s gardening, cooking, outdoor play, sports, or crafts, put a few small items together based on your child’s passions. They will be so excited to have these new useful items, they may forget about the candy altogether.

Easter Candy

We understand that candy is synonymous with Easter but try to prevent your child from taking a holiday from brushing their teeth! Teeth are susceptible to decay when sugars are left on their surface throughout the day. Brush and floss twice daily to avoid any decay caused by sugar consumption.


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