Healthy Holiday Foods for Teeth

While most of us are worried about expanding our waistline from eating too many delicious holiday foods, have you ever considered which ones are good for your teeth? Thanks to the American Dental Association, here is a breakdown of holiday staples and their effect on your teeth.


  1. Turkey – Filled with healthy protein but can be stringy and get stuck in your teeth. Make sure you floss after eating!


  1. Cranberry Sauce – Watch out for added sugars! While cranberries are healthy, there are usually other ingredients added to cranberry sauce to sweeten it. Cranberry Sauce can be acidic, sticky and stain teeth, so make sure to eat it along with other foods.


  1. Yams or Sweet Potatoes – Rich in vitamins A and C, but if they are in casserole form, there are probably added sugars, in addition to marshmallows. Eat sweet potato casserole in moderation.


  1. Green Bean Casserole – Green beans are great for you and lower calorie substitutions can be made for regular Cream of Mushroom soup. String beans can be another stringy vegetable that gets stuck in teeth, so make sure to bring your floss, especially if you are at another person’s house for the holiday. This way, you won’t have to ask, “is there something green in my teeth?”


  1. Macaroni and Cheese – An indulgent favorite side dish of Thanksgiving, Macaroni and Cheese doesn’t present many issues related to dental health.


  1. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – Mashed Potatoes include a lot of vitamins but are high in starch. If left on teeth for too long, starch buildup can lead to cavities. Add gravy and you are increasing the starch content. Make sure you don’t wait too long after eating mashed potatoes to brush your teeth. If you can’t brush shortly afterwards, bring some sugar free gum to chew and aid in removal of any starches left on your teeth.


  1. Pumpkin Pie – Many of us love pumpkin pie this time of year and surprisingly, pumpkins are pretty good for you. Most pies will have added sugar, so add pumpkin pie to the “eat in moderation” list.


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