Help Your Child Brush & Floss

Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Brush & Floss

At Medplex Pediatric Dentistry, we provide children in Birmingham, Hoover, Alabaster and Helena with comprehensive dental care to keep their teeth and gums healthy. We put a focus on educating our young patients on the importance of good dental health.

Most parents know that it can be difficult to teach children good habits and especially when it comes to personal hygiene. It can be especially challenging to get your kids to brush and floss their teeth well each day. Therefore, we’d like to share a few creative ways to get your kids to brush and floss which can help them develop good oral hygiene habits to keep their smiles healthy.

Download an App

There are many smartphone and tablet apps which are designed to teach kids good oral hygiene habits. Once you find an app that’s age-appropriate for your child, sit down together to play the game with your child. The Colgate Tooth Fairy app helps children build regular brushing routines with fun teeth timers to brush with and also comes with healthy oral habit tips.

Use Music

Using music helps pass the time quicker and can even serve as a way to measure how long your child spends brushing their teeth.  Simply humming a favorite song with your child is a good way to ensure he/she is brushing for the recommended two minutes. By making tooth brushing fun, your child will develop good oral hygiene habits that can last a lifetime.

Brush & Floss With Your Child

Since your child learns from watching you, make brushing and flossing a family affair. Stand in front of the mirror with your child and brush and floss your teeth together. Show your child how to properly brush & floss by demonstrating on your own teeth. When your child sees you brushing and flossing everyday, he or she will learn that keeping their smile clean and healthy is just a part of their daily routine.

Use a Reward System

Each time your child brushes and flosses well, place a colorful sticker on the bathroom mirror  as a reward. You child will then look forward to brushing and flossing. Once your child has earned a set number of stickers, reward your child by making a special trip to the store so he or she can choose a toothbrush featuring a favorite cartoon character.

These are just a few creative ways of helping your child develop good oral hygiene habits. If you need more ideas, don’t hestiate to contact us! Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Baker Chambliss and his amazing staff are always happy to provide parents with helpful hints on helping their kids develop good oral hygiene habits for a life-time of healthy & beautiful smiles!

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