Holiday Travel with a Teething Baby

It’s inevitable for most parents. The second you make it into the car to travel to your family for the holidays, your baby becomes upset and inconsolable. Could your baby be starting the teething process?

Irritability is one of the signs your baby is teething, but you may also notice increased drool, swollen gums, decreased appetite and that your baby is putting everything he or she can find in his or her mouth. If you’ve already gotten on the road, don’t fret, there are some practical household and easy to find items that can help.

  1. Cold or frozen washcloth – The texture of the washcloth mixed with it being cold will soothe your child’s inflamed gums. Wet washcloths can work too.
  2. Teething cookies – These are usually found in your local grocery store. Be very aware of your child when he or she is using a teething cookie. They provide a tasty distraction from teething pain but can get worn down as your child uses his or her gums to eat or suck on them. When they get down to a smaller size, use caution because they can cause a potential choking hazard.
  3. Teething rings and toys – If your child’s teething toys are gel-filled, avoid putting them in the freezer. If the material is thin, this could cause leaks and we certainly don’t want your little one to be eating whatever may be in that gel. Keeping them cool in the refrigerator can help. Make sure to wash teething toys frequently because they often end up on the floor and then back in your child’s mouth.

What Not to Do

  1. Use products with lidocaine or benzocaine – These products have not been proven to subdue teething pain and too much of them can be dangerous.
  2. Give your child too much pain reliever – It can be easy to overdose your child on acetaminophen or ibuprofen because they appear to be in pain. However, we recommend trying one dose first and observing your child to see if it really has an effect on them. Too much pain reliever is not safe for children at this age.
  3. Herbal Remedies – There is not much data available on long term effects of herbal remedies. Herbs are medicines that are processed through the body but with young children, we wouldn’t recommend them, especially since there is not enough data available on associated risks.


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