Nobody Ever Thinks Their Child Will Need a Pediatric Crown

Pediatric crowns are more common than the average parent would think. After all, it would seem logical that any teeth needing restoration would eventually fall out. So, why worry about baby teeth restoration? What happens to baby teeth can affect adult teeth, so utilizing crowns in pediatric patients is very important.


At Medplex Pediatric Dentistry, we use NuSmile Zirconia crowns. These provide the look of a natural tooth and are extremely durable. Many other options are silver in color or can be less malleable, so this is our preferred choice for our patients.


Why do children need pediatric crowns and why? Well, sometimes teeth go past the point of no return with issues like advanced decay. In this case, the decay has caused the tooth to be unsuitable for a filling and so, a pediatric crown is used to support the tooth and pave the way for better acceptance of the adult tooth. Sometimes a broken or cracked tooth requires a pediatric crown because of the way the tooth has chipped or been damaged. Crowns can also keep infection out in these scenarios.


Zirconia crowns have been on the market for more than 10 years with a very impressive track record. Recent studies indicate that he gingival health and plaque accumulation performance of zirconia crowns were better than those of stainless steel crowns and other fabrications in control groups.


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