Have reason to believe your sprinklers are not working properly? Chances are great that your irrigation system needs professional assistance. Call our office immediately to schedule a Plano sprinkler repair. Our team will respond quickly and arrive on time to tackle any irrigation problem.

We will send qualified technicians to your home or business and make sure your sprinklers are working properly. Irrigation systems have multiple operating parts. However, issues can arise with only one malfunctioning component.

Common system breakdowns include:

Nozzles – Clogged sprinkler nozzles can reduce the efficiency of any irrigation system.

Heads – Sprinkler heads can be poorly adjusted, sunken or buried, and crooked or not plumbed.

Valves – Faulty valves can prevent water from flowing through parts of the system.

Controller – To adjust the irrigation settings of the system, the controller must always be in good shape.

Wiring – Problems with the system wiring can completely stop the sprinklers from irrigating the landscape.

Leaks – Pipe leaks will impair the performance of the system and, if not fixed, can turn into a major issue down the road.



Not all signs of a malfunctioning sprinkler system are apparent. In fact, several weeks can pass before noticing that a landscape is not being properly irrigated. If you are currently experiencing any of the following issues, then call us to repair the sprinkler system.

High Water Bill – This is a telltale sign that an essential component of the irrigation system is not working properly.

Parched Grass – The lawn has areas of brown or dying grass. This means water is not reaching its intended target.

Wet Spots – If the lawn is often storing water in certain areas, the sprinkler system needs to be adjusted immediately.

Irregular Pressure – Extra pressure does not help the irrigation system to water correctly. Other times, sprinklers will drip water instead of irrigating normally.



Inspection – The repair process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the sprinkler system. Our irrigation technicians will perform an inspection to determine the specific issues that are affecting the sprinklers.

Estimate – Once an assessment has been performed, our technicians will be able to indicate which are the critical repairs that need to be addressed. This will ensure that you receive an appropriate estimate based on the work involved and the needed replacement parts.

Repair – Now that an estimate has been established, our technicians will begin repairing the sprinkler system with the objective to provide the best irrigation for the current landscape. Each adjustment will be prioritized in order of importance.