Preparing Your Teeth for Travel

If you and your family are taking a fun vacation this holiday season, we understand if the dentist isn’t the first person on your mind. But, you’d be surprised about how having us on your travel checklist can be helpful when unexpected situations arise.


  1. You wrote down all the emergency phone numbers you think you’ll need, but did you put Dr. Chambliss’s office number in your phone? If you run into a dental emergency while traveling, Dr. Chambliss can advise you on how to best handle the situation wherever you may be located. Medplex’s resources extend beyond Birmingham, and to the colleagues we work with around the U.S.


  1. Let’s say you are planning an international trip – you decided to go skiing in the Swiss Alps. Your child gets his or her first lesson, slips and chips a tooth. What do you do? Your first phone call should be to the US Consulate’s office. They provide resources for Americans travelling internationally, including those for dental health.


  1. Get a preventive exam! There’s nothing worse than a toothache when you are supposed to be enjoying the yummy treats of the holidays. If your child is due for an exam or has made any comments about tooth pain, make sure you bring them in for an appointment before you travel. You don’t want to be dealing with cavity pain away from home.


  1. You arrive at the hotel and the size of the sink is so small that you cannot fit your toothbrush! Bring plenty of resealable plastic bags to store your toothbrush safely and prevent it from growing bacteria.


  1. Your child forgot his or her toothbrush and you won’t be able to get one until the morning. First of all, this is okay. Sometimes the best way to manage travel is to aim to be at between 80-90% of your normal routine. If your child doesn’t have their toothbrush, make sure they rinse with water and use a washcloth or clean finger to brush off their teeth. If you remembered the plaque fighting rinse, use it too!


  1. Bring some sugarless gum – Chewing gum can help alleviate ear pressure and pain while flying and aid in digestion and the breakdown of bacteria after meals.


  1. Use bottled water – Some countries can have compromised water supplies and systems. The only way to be safe is to use the bottled water. Even the small amount of water used when brushing teeth can do harm if it’s contaminated.


  1. Enjoy and get on track when you return – Nobody expects perfection when on vacation and it’s okay to be loose with the rules. Just make sure that when you get back home, your child gets back on track with their dental health routine.


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