Top 5 Things You Need To Know If Your Child Requires A Pediatric Crown

You may have some questions for your dentist if your child needs a pediatric crown. We completely understand how confused you may feel if this happens. Medplex is here to guide you through the process. Here’s 5 things you need to know if your child requires a pediatric crown.

What Are Pediatric Crowns?

Pediatric Crowns are long-term solutions and restorations for damaged or decayed teeth. Crowns can help to avoid multiple treatments as your child’s primary teeth develop. For more information, check out a recent blog of ours on Pediatric Crowns.

Pediatric Crowns Are Necessary For Future Dental Health

If your child suffers from dental decay (cavities) or has dental defects, Dr. Chambliss may recommend a pediatric crown to restore your child’s tooth instead of removing it. It’s important to extend the life of a primary tooth, not only for aesthetics, but for development and function.

There Are Several Types of Pediatric Crowns.

Stainless steel, composite strip, polycarbonate, resin-veneered, and zirconia ceramic are a few different types of crowns that are on the market. Dr. Chambliss specializes in NuSmile Zirconia Ceramic crowns for their excellent aesthetics and durability.

Crowns Take Two Appointments.

The process of getting a dental crown takes about two appointments in total. Initially, Dr. Chambliss will assess your child’s teeth to make a judgment about whether he or she needs a crown. Then he will make a mold in the shape of your child’s tooth. At the second visit, the mold will have been used to make the crown, which will be placed on your child’s tooth.

Pediatric Crowns Look And Function Like A Real Tooth.

It’s important to keep primary (baby) teeth until they fall out naturally to help with speech and food consumption. Also, crowns help your child’s permanent teeth to come in correctly. In other words, it makes it less likely that your child will need orthodontic treatment.

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