Your Child Knocks a Tooth Out. Now What?

Kids will be spending a lot of time at home during the holidays this year. Expect more pillow forts and more daring and adventurous behavior as they try to entertain themselves!  While it’s great watching your kids be creative, these types of activities can lead to dental injury, specifically, knocking a tooth out. So, what do you do if your child comes to you screaming with tooth in hand?

Console your child – A spontaneous injury like a tooth being knocked out can be scary and startling for a child, especially because it will generate a lot of blood. Console your child, so they calm down, while you try to find the tooth and reinsert it. Placing a piece of sterile gauze over the socket, while your child bites in place can help control the bleeding.

What to do with the tooth – Avoid directly touching the root of the tooth when handling it. You can rinse it in milk if the tooth is dirty, but first plug the sink with the drain, so it doesn’t disappear. Gently clean the tooth of dirt but do not scrub it.  Remaining tissue that is important to preserve needs to stay on the tooth. Saltwater or saliva are other solutions you can use to clean the tooth if milk is unavailable. Try to reinsert the tooth. If it won’t go in easily, put the tooth as is in a plastic bag. We may be able to reinsert it for you. Avoid any paper or foil wrapping because that could decrease the chances it will go back into your child’s mouth smoothly. As soon as possible, bring your child to see us and don’t forget the tooth! If the tooth is gone, it may be stuck inside your child’s mouth, so we will check there to make sure we do what we can to find it.  We will also check for other potential injury.

Issues can arise if your child loses a baby tooth before it’s supposed to come out, loses a molar or gets a baby tooth jammed into their gums. But don’t despair. Getting a tooth knocked out can be a traumatizing experience when it happens, but there are reparative treatments we can provide to restore the tooth back to its original state

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